Monday, February 7, 2011

Since I'm not doing my homework.

I figured I would make a blog post instead of doing my homework just now. I can imagine why a person would think that what I've chosen would be a less productive course of action, but that person clearly does not attend my college. Its existence truly is an insult to every intelligent being who has ever walked onto the campus. Allow me to supply some examples. My English course during my first semester, which was the highest-level English course incoming students were capable of testing into, was nothing but a course in MLA format. I can see why, to some people, this might be useful, but having just gotten out of high school and having spent the previous four years learning exactly the same information, I had difficulty seeing the usefulness of it all. I might have let this go were it an isolated incident, however I find I am faced with more useless time-wasters than I am with educational classes every single semester. The one exception to this was my Spanish courses. Again, I had taken Spanish for four years in high school, so the courses were mostly review, but information was actually presented during them, and I actually felt like there might have been potential to actually learn something there. For this reason I declared Spanish as my major, and, true to form, my college fucked me hard and fast in the asshole in that regard too. As it should be easy to imagine at this point, I had been hoping to transfer, and soon. My thoughts were that the coming Fall would be my final semester here, and that I would be able to transfer to a legitimate academy in the Spring. However, the one Spanish course that I was eligible to take this semester was canceled due to lack of interest, and now I'm stuck at this school for another year at least.


Fuck my college.


  1. What a crock of shit. I'd complain to the dean if I were you.

  2. id suggest you do a bit more lurking activities, and talk to your dean